Learning and Growing through Play.

Little Sprouts is a bilingual English and French playgroup and crèche welcoming children between 15 months and 3.5 years for morning sessions and full days.


We offer a warm and welcoming environment, with fun and stimulating activities and materials designed to familiarise children with French or English. Through games, stories, songs, and play children embark on the wonderful voyage of learning a new language, discovering its melody and hidden treasures. …

Our crèche works in small groups, where children can feel secure in socialising, exploring, creating, and learning to be autonomous. Children are allowed to do things at their pace, in their own way and according to their interests; they are never forced to participate in any activity.

There are a maximum of ten children per session, led by one English-speaking and one French-speaking teacher.

We are licensed and supervised by ONE (Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance).

Little Sprouts Playgroup,Bilingual English and French Crèche